Wednesday, June 30, 2010


All of my life I have always been one to eat my food really fast for no good reason at all.  I suppose that it was because I just wanted to eat fast enough so my brain wouldn't realize that I was full.  Since I have started my weight loss journey it has really helped me out a lot to eat slowly and enjoy the food that I'm eating instead of devouring it.  In May of 2006 when I began my lifestyle change I began to eat slowly and actually enjoy the food that I have been eating.  After I take a bite now I put down my eating utensil until the food is swallowed and then I pick up the utensil and have another bite.  This has several benefits which has really helped me out in my lifestyle change and weight loss journey.  The first benefit that I now have is that I enjoy each bite of food of my meal or snack and actually taste the food instead of just eating really fast without fully enjoying my food.  The other benefit that I now have is that I get full after eating much less food because I'm eating slower and my brain has time to let me know that I'm getting full.  I also now feel satisfied after eating my meal or snack instead of feeling stuffed like i did before.  This is something that took some time to get used to doing but now I do this each time I eat.  So a tip I would suggest doing is to eat slower, enjoy your food, and you will feel satisfied after eating much less food.


  1. You know we are told his are whole lives but we just don't do it.. Thanks~~ I'm really going to try to incorporate this into my healthier life.

  2. Yes it took me about 35 years before I started to do it at every meal but now it's a good habit I have :) THNX, Kevin