Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I have been going on evening walks after dinner when the sun goes down which has been very beneficial.  I have been walking for about 30 minutes to unwind after a long day and It's the perfect time of the day since summer is upon us.  At this time of the day the weather is really nice since It's not too hot or cold out.  They have been nice relaxing walks where I can enjoy being outside and not think about the stresses of life. I have noticed that after I'm back from my walk I feel relaxed, happy, and ready to get a good nights sleep for the upcoming day.  Before I would have dinner, watch some t.v., and then have dessert before heading off to bed.  I have been sleeping much better since I started my evening walks and feel well rested when I wake up in the morning. The exercise that I have been getting is very beneficial as well since it also speeds up my metabolism which helps me burn calories while sleeping. So the advise I would give is to go on an evening walk to unwind for the day.

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