Monday, June 28, 2010


The 4th of July is now less than a week away and for most of this it means that we will be going to barbecues with family and friends to celebrate on this upcoming three day weekend!!  What I have learned over the past four years is not to attend these barbecues and parties very hungry because when I have done this in the past I would eat pretty much everything in sight without thinking about how healthy or unhealthy the food is.  What I have been doing over the past four years which really helps me out a lot from over eating is to have a small meal or snack just before I go so that I'm not too hungry when I show up.  When I'm at these gatherings where food is almost always available I then make much smarter food choices that are healthy without feeling deprived.  It is also very important not to deprive ourselves of food that we like so If we do have some food that is not the healthiest then we can have small portions that keep us satisfied.  I also bring along a large bottle of water or low calorie beverage to drink and some healthy snacks in case their are not any available at the barbecue or party!!

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  1. i do the same with water and carry crystal light packets as well! one added to a regular size water bottle is too sweet. so i just put a little bit and the pack last for about 3 water bottles.