Saturday, June 19, 2010


We all can come up with some great excuses why we don't or can't do some kind of exercise on a daily basis.  When I weighed 442 pounds I had a great list of excuses why I could not exercise and I'm sure that you do as well.  For example it's too cold outside, too hot outside, looks like it may rain, my back hurts, my legs are knees are sore, etc.  I'm pretty sure that I could write a book on excuses not to exercise daily.  Now I'm the opposite and have many creative reasons why I can exercise without it always feeling like I'm exercising at all.  A few examples are as follows.  Parking my car far away where ever I'm at, on hot and cold days walking inside the mall, store, or working out at the gym, at work taking the stairs because the elevator is always breaking down, walking at the beach because it's a nice day out, going on evening walks to unwind for the day, and walking to the nearby store because I'm tired of spending 3$ a gallon for gas etc.  Daily exercise is extremely important in losing and maintaining permanent weight loss so what I'm trying to say is that THEIR ARE NO EXCUSES NOT TO EXERCISE DAILY!!!!  I hope you all have a great and very healthy Father's Day weekend  :)

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