Saturday, June 5, 2010


Eating at buffets had always been very difficult for me in the past because I felt like I could not choose what I could eat.  I would just grab a plate and go down the line of food and whatever looked good I would slap on my plate not thinking if the food was healthy or not.  Over the past four years I have learned how to eat healthy even at buffets which I thought was next to impossible in the past.  What I now do before grabbing a plate is to walk through the buffet and scan over everything to see what healthy foods they have available.  I then grab a plate and usually start at the salad section and make a nice healthy salad with lots of vegetables and low calorie dressing.  After I eat my salad which usually fills me up quite a bit I go back with a clean plate and get some healthy foods like fish, chicken, steamed vegetables, and lean cuts of meat.  If I'm still a bit hungry I then go up for my dessert and get some fruit like honeydew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, etc.  After eating the fruit I am very satisfied and know that even though I went to a buffet I made smart choices and had a very healthy meal.


  1. thanks for the tips. i have just started my wieght loss journey and have lost 20 of the 60 lbs i want to lose and buffets are my weakness so these tips will really help me stay on track. S.T. Beauty

  2. Congrats on losing 20 pounds that is a great accomplishment. I used to be nervous going to buffets but now i'm not worried and I'm glad these tips will help you out :)