Tuesday, June 15, 2010


No one is perfect and every now and then including myself we will fall off the wagon.  We just need to get back to living our healthy lifestyle and not get down on ourselves for having an unhealthy day or two.  Were only human and this will happen many times during our weight loss journey and maintaining our weight loss.  It was once described to me that when were driving somewhere in our vehicle and we miss our off ramp or street we do not just keep on driving because we messed up.  If we did that then we would end up in who knows where when we finally ran out of gas!!  We find our way back to where we are going with a little detour and eventually find our destination.  The same goes for when we fall off track of eating healthy and exercising daily.  When we  have a rough day or two or three we just need to find our way back to our healthy lifestyle and get back on the wagon.  Over the past 4 years this has happened to myself many many times and I have managed to stay on track with my 230 pound weight loss.

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