Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I can fully understand how difficult it is when you begin to change so many things about your life at once.  At first eating healthy, tracking my food intake, and exercising was a lot to deal with especially since I had never did this in my life successfully before.  I began to walk several minutes a day at first which was not too bad since it was very short distances and I did not track or eat all that healthy.  This does take time and will not automatically happen overnight so patience definitely plays a huge roll in adopting a healthy lifestyle.  So as I mentioned earlier I began to walk daily for a few minutes which was a great start since I was not doing anything before.  I would then eat like I always did which was not too healthy at all.  Eventually what happened was that I felt like the exercising was not doing much good since I was not eating healthy.  I finally started to get tired of exercising daily without losing a single pound.  As time went by I slowly began to eat healthier foods and that was when I noticed that I was starting to lose weight which was a great feeling.  So if eating healthy, tracking your food intake, and exercising on a daily basis is just too much to change all at once then I would highly suggest that you start out by walking for a few minutes each day!!  

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