Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello everyone I hope you have all had a great week and will have a healthy weekend.  Today I thought I would give you all some tips that I have used over the past few years which saves a lot of calories and only takes a few seconds to do. 

Since I always bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks with me to work I eat quite a few canned foods.  I put these foods in small plastic containers the night before so I'm prepared for the upcoming day.  What I do is drain the liquid from the cans which cuts out a lot of the sodium, sugar, and oil which makes the food much healthier and cuts out a lot of unnecessary calories. 

When I have a salad instead of loading it up with salad dressing I have been using salsa which actually tastes real good and cuts out all of the calories from the dressing. 

While cooking in a skillet on the stove Instead of using regular oil which has a huge amount of calories I use  PAM cooking spray which  pretty much has no calories at all. 

When I have turkey burgers, turkey sausage patties, and other meats after they are cooked and ready to eat I pat them down with a paper towel which gets rid of a lot of grease which you can tell by looking at the paper towel after your finished. 

Making tuna or deli sliced turkey, ham, or roast beef sandwiches I use just mustard on the bread and tuna instead of mayonnaise.  By doing this it cuts out a tremendous amount of calories most of which are fat.

I have also cut out virtually all butter which has a ton of calories and enjoy the food I'm eating instead of tasting the butter with the food.  A good example of this would be corn on the cob which tastes great without anything on it.

These are a few examples of what I have been doing over the past several years to cut out a lot of calories while still eating the foods that I like so much.  I hope that these tips will help you out while you continue on your weight loss journey!!

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  1. i like the idea of using salsa instead of salad dressing. i will have to try that! ive been doing the mustard with tuna for a while now and sometimes switch it up with honey mustard or sandwich dressing.