Monday, July 5, 2010


I have always enjoyed mexican food and A meal that I really enjoy having are tacos.  I use ground turkey because it's much healthier than eating ground beef and I really enjoy the taste of turkey with some seasonings to spice it up. When I do eat ground beef now it just tastes really greasy and I do not enjoy the taste like I did for most of my life. For the turkey tacos I cook about one pound of ground turkey in a skillet on the stove and spray pam on the bottom instead of using oil to cook the meat in.  I also warm up fat free refried beans in the microwave and cut up tomatoes, lettuce, and onions for the tacos.  I use fat free shredded cheese, fat free sour cream, and hot sauce fot the tacos which makes for a great dinner. I warm up corn tortillas or whole wheat tortillas in the microwave when all the food is on the table and ready to eat which are much healthier than eating flour tortillas. I usually have about three tacos which satifies me for the evening.

Another meal that I really enjoy for dinner are turkey burger sliders.  I use the mini whole wheat buns with mustard, ketchup, onions, and tomatoes.  I usually have three of them because they are small, one serving of tator tots and a glass of fat free milk. One serving of tator tats can be found on the nutritional information on the back of the bag and so I just warm up however many are one serving in the oven.  I cook the turkey burgers on the barbecue, my george foreman grill, or in a skillet using Pam spray instead of oil so it's much healthier.  This is an excellent meal that fills me up and is a great change of pace.  I have learned along my journey to try my best not to have the same meals all the time.  By doing this I don't get bored from eating the same food and meals all the time.

Turkey burgers, french fries, chicken flavored rice, and a vegetable like green beans or corn is a dinner that I enjoy and is very filling which keeps me satisfied until the next day.  I cook the turkey burgers on the barbecue, my george foreman grill, or in a skillet using Pam spray instead of oil so it's much healthier. The french fries are warmed up in the oven on a cooking tray instead of in a skillet.  I cook the rice in the microwave which takes about 20 minutes in a glass container. The vegetables are also warmed up in the microwave which usually only takes a few minutes. I will usually have one turkey burger on a whole wheat bun, one serving of french fries, one serving of chicken flavored rice, and one serving of green beans or corn with a small glass of fat free milk.  I do have french fries or tator tots on occasion but what I do is look on the back of the bag where the nutritional information is to see how many french fries or tator tots are in one serving and I have that many for dinner. The reason that I have french fries or tator tots is because this is a lifestyle change and not just another diet which we all know don't always work. What has really helped me out a lot is that I don't feel deprived from not being able to eat food that I enjoy.  

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