Monday, June 21, 2010


When I first began my weight loss journey in May of 2006 at 442 pounds I knew that starting to exercise on a daily basis was going to be a huge challenge for me.  I was in no condition to go on long walks or to hit the gym hard everyday for long periods of time so I knew that I had to start off slowly.  What I did was walk for only about 5 minutes each day which may sound like baby steps but that is exactly what it took.  For the first few weeks I walked for 5 minutes until I had the stamina to increase the time that I could walk.  This helped me out a lot because it got me into the routine of exercising everyday.  I didn't dread exercising at all because it was only a short walk that I could handle without any problem.  I slowly increased the time of my walks  every week or two depending on how comfortable I felt with increasing the time.  Today as I write this blog I can walk for well over 2 hours at a time without a problem which took me over 3 years to work up to.  In the past I would start out by exercising for long periods of time like 30 minutes a day or more which I would dread doing everyday because it was very difficult.  I would eventually quit exercising altogether and go back to my old habits because I wanted to see results immediately.   So the best advise that I can give you is to start out by walking for just a few minutes each day, adding time at your own pace.


  1. That is so true- I think people BURN OUT because they try too much too soon. The issue is to work at YOUR OWN fitness level, and it's exciting to see yourself get more stamina and energy.
    I feel that exercise is a natural high! Walking is a great way to start- or swimming. Investing in an IPOD- priceless! :)

  2. I wish more people would read this! People doing the 30 day shred their 2nd week on WW are nuts! I just don't get it! Your baby steps sound a lot like mine... I started out with 500 steps ALL DAY then worked up to where I am now!