Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I fell off the wagon for a few days which I do every now and then but this has been a good learning experience.  I was feeling pretty tired an unmotivated from not eating or exercising like I know that I should.  This morning as I woke up I knew that I wanted and needed to get back on track so instead of hanging around the house before work this is what I did which really helped me out.  I had a healthy breakfast of 2 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patties and toasted a whole grain sandwich thin for a tasty breakfast sandwich.  I also had a protein shake which I have on days that I go to the gym.  I then left the house and went bowling for 3 games which is fun and a little bit of exercise.  Then I went to the gym and did my wednesday full body workout which took me about 90 minutes and I really started to feel much better.  After that I went to the beach which is a 20 minute drive from the gym and walked around for 1 hour.  After doing this I really felt great and didn't have any urges to eat anything unhealthy.  I then went home and got ready for work, had some taco soup and another protein shake, and packed my dinner and snacks for work with healthy food.  This evening at work I have not had any bad unhealthy food urges like I've had for the past several days and got back on track which feels really good. I ate a healthy dinner at work with some fruit for snacks and also hasd quite a bit of water.  I believe that the reason that I fell off the wagon was because I had my schedule changed for the week and the stress of doing the supervisor duties lead me to make unhealthy food choices. So if you have fallen off the wagon recently or if you do in the future then here is what I have done today which has helped to get myself back on the wagon.


  1. Does it scare the hell out of you when you fall off the wagon? I have yo-yo'd my weight 60 lbs back and forth and I am so scared of going back up again! Keep up the good work and I am glad you got it back under control.

  2. Yes after losing 230 pounds I do freak out a bit when I lose control and fall off the wagon. So far I have been able to get back on track when I fell off the wagon so that is good.