Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I started to eat healthier, exercise, and slowly drop weight off I began to make short term goals for myself that we're very attainable.  When I first started out at the beginning I knew that my ultimate goal would be to drop well over 200 pounds and to go from wearing a 6 XL shirt to a XL shirt and from wearing a size 64 inch waist shorts and pants to a size 36.  This sounded and seemed almost impossible so I decided to make small goals along my weight loss journey that were attainable and within reach in short periods of time.  So what I did was set a goal of dropping 5 pounds at a time which didn't feel like I had a huge mountain to climb. With each 5 pounds I lost, I would then set a new goal of dropping another 5 pounds. I continued to set these goals throughout my entire journey which helped me out tremendously. As the weeks went on, I was gaining confidence that dropping the weight was not impossible at all. I would suggest for anyone that has a large amount of weight to drop, make short term goals along the way.

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