Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What has helped me out a lot is changing up my exercise route so that I do not get bored with always doing the same exact thing everyday, so if this is a problem for you then try to mix up where you walk or exercise daily.  A change in scenery still to this day helps me from getting bored which is probably one of the top reasons that most people quit exercising so mix it up and make exercising something that you look forward to.  I like to go to different locations to exercise away from my neighborhood often like the beach boardwalk, local park, high school or college track, gym, mall/shopping center, or anywhere different to change up the scenery.  On rainy or hot days it's great to walk through the mall, go to the gym, or anywhere that is indoors so their really isn't an excuse for not doing some form of exercise everyday.  Listening to your favorite music on your ipod or personal portable music player while exercising is also a great way to keep you from getting bored and is a great motivator which I use most of the time while exercising.

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