Thursday, November 4, 2010


This has been so incredible important in my weight loss journey and maintaining my 230 pound weight loss that I think it would be beneficial for everyone if I wrote about it once again.  This may seem like a lot to do in writing down everything that you eat on a daily basis and also to track how much you exercise on a daily basis but the benefits have been life changing for me.  For starters I would suggest that you go out and buy a 5 x 7 inch notepad that you can use to track on a daily basis.  This is also a great tool to use when you are struggling to look back and see what you have ate and how much exercise you did when you were doing good.  At night before going to bed I get my breakfast, lunch and snacks ready for the upcoming day which I bring to work with me.  I track down all the food that I have for the upcoming day so I don't have to write it down as I eat during the next day.  Then when I get home I write down how much exercise I did during the day and also write down in my tracker what I have for dinner and dessert if I have any in the evening.  This makes it easy for me because I have my food journal at home all the time so it will not be misplaced.  If I happen to eat something different during the day while I'm not at home I write it down on a piece of scratch paper which I keep available and then when I get home I transfer it onto my food journal.  On the weekends since I do not work I just write down the food that I eat during the day and evening and also track any exercise that I do.

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