Monday, October 18, 2010


All my life I have ate like most people because of what time of the day it was and not because I was necessarily hungry.  For instance in the morning when I woke up I would have breakfast, then in the afternoon I would have some lunch, and in the evening I would have dinner followed by dessert before going to bed.  During my weight loss journey and now as i am maintaining my weight loss I listen to my stomach and eat when I'm hungry regardless of what time it is.  I still have breakfast, lunch, and dinner followed with dessert but not at a set time.  In the morning when I wake up and if I feel hungry then I have breakfast.  For lunch instead of eating right at when most people have lunch around noon I listen to my stomach and if I'm hungry then I eat and if not then I wait til I'm hungry.  The same thing goes for dinner and snacks during the day, I eat dinner and snacks throughout the day the same way by listening to my stomach and eat when I'm hungry.  This has really helped me out on my weight loss journey because I realized that I was eating because of what time of the day it was and not always because i was hungry. I tend to eat less often now and only when I'm hungry so my food consumption has dropped dramatically.  I also eat til I'm satisfied and full instead of when all the food is gone off my plate so I very rarely am stuffed and uncomfortable after eating.  So my tip for today is to try eating when your hungry and listen to your stomach instead of eating because it's a certain time of the day.  Have a very healthy day and upcoming week :o)

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