Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eating Healthy During The Upcoming Holidays!!

Hello everyone I sure hope you are looking forward to the upcoming Holidays and enjoying some time off from work and enjoying time with friends and family, I sure am!!  I do know that from Thanksgiving through New Years it can be very difficult to eat healthy and exercise so I thought I'd give you some ideas on what has helped me out for the past 4 plus years.

In the past I have just thought that I will start or continue to eat healthy and exercise at the beginning of the year.  This made it ok for me to eat whatever I wanted  and not to exercise because it was the holiday season. 

Over the past 4 years I have realized that it's not about how much food that I can throw down my neck and how lazy that I can be but it's really about friends and family.  I have still been eating with friends and family but just with healthy choices and enjoying the time spent with my friends and family just as much as always.  Also I've been keeping up with daily exercise since it's now just part of my healthy lifestyle. When I'm invited to go somewhere and am asked to bring something to eat I have been making or bringing healthy foods that I like.   This makes it a bit easier for me to eat healthy since I know that their will atleast be something healthy to eat for sure.  Also since my family knows that I eat food that is healthy they have actually been making or bringing healthy dishes because they all know that I eat healthy and have come an incredibly long way on my weight loss journey.  After eating instead of laying on the couch I will let everyone know that I'm going for a walk (No I Don't Make A Loud Announcement Annoying Others)  and more times than others their will be others go along.  This doesn't have to be a super long walk but just a nice relaxing walk through the neighborhood which also helps in the food digestion.

So A few tips that I would give is when invited to a party or family gathering this holiday season bring a healthy dish that you like so their will be atleast something their to eat that you like. Another tip would be to go for a nice walk after eating at a party or gathering and invite others as well.  Most importantly have a great and very healthy holiday season spending time with friends and family.

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