Monday, October 11, 2010


I know first hand from experience that when I go out to eat and have no idea what I'm going to eat how hard it can be to get something healthy.  In the past when I was not paying attention to eating healthy I would just order anything from the menu which looked or sounded like it may be good to eat and not worry about it. Now that I'm health conscious I pre plan what I'm going to eat ahead of time so there are no surprises and I know that it's a healthy meal.  In this day and age we are very fortunate to be able to go to most restaurants website and see what they have on there menu.  They usually have how many calories, fat, carbs etc that are in their meals and appetizers that make it very easy and simple for us to plan ahead.  What I do when I know I'm going out to eat is go to the website of the restaurant and find a healthy meal and maybe an appetizer that is on their online menu and write it down.  This way when I go out to eat I already know exactly what I'm going to order and dont have to wonder if it's a healthy meal or not.  This also makes my dining experience more enjoyable since I am not thinking or wondering how many calories, fat, carbs etc. are in the meal.  So a simple tip that I would suggest is if you know ahead of time that your going out to eat and you know where your going to eat is to check out the restaurants online menu. This way you will know exactly what your going to eat and how healthy it is before you get there.  Hope this helps you all out!!!  Have a great week everyone :)

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