Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This was a topic which I thought was outstanding in a recent weight watchers meeting that I attended. I know for myself that I often just try to keep it to myself on my new healthy lifestyle but it's best to ask for help from others which makes it much easier to eat healthy.  At work when they have pot lucks or get togethers when their is food it's a good idea to tell your co-workers that it would be very much appreciated if their was some healthy food available and you can also make a healthy dish.  For me the weekends are incredibly difficult because the people that I live with are not thinking about eating healthy and they tend to eat whatever sounds good at the moment.  So speak up and let others in your family know what you would like to eat instead of just eating whatever everyone else decides on, this is also something that I need to work on myself.  Many times when going out to eat I tend to dread it because it seems like it's very hard to have a healthy meal out.  What I will be doing from this point forward is asking the waiter or waitress how the food is prepared and what's in the food.  We can always tell them to cook the food the way we want to eat it especially since we are the ones paying for our food.  Substitutions are also a great way to eat healthy when at a restaurant. For instance we can get a healthy bowl of fruit instead of a muffin or buttered toast which tastes much better and is much healthier to eat.  Something else that I do while at restaurants is get salad dressing on the side so that I can decide how much I use instead of them.  Another tip at restaurants is that if the meal comes with something that is unhealthy or that you just don't want to eat it's ok to tell them not to bring it to the table and leave it out of the meal even if you have to pay for it.  So I would highly suggest to ask for help in many different situations while eating which will make it much easier to stay on your new healthy lifestyle!!!  Have a great healthy week everyone  :)   

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