Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tracking what I eat in a food journal that can be bought at any grocery or stationary store has been the number 1 reason for my weight loss and maintaining my weight loss over the past 4 years. It may take some time to get used to doing but it's so very important.  It's more than just writing down what you eat on a daily basis.  A lot of time before I eat anything I know that I'm going to have to write it down and then I think twice if I really want to eat that certain food or meal and track it.  This is a very useful tool to use when I may be struggling because I can look back on what I have been eating and compare it to what I have ate in the past when I was doing good and dropping weight.  When I don't track what I eat I tend to just eat whatever I want at the moment because I don't have to write anything down.  What tracking does for me is to keep my self accountable for everything that I put in my mouth.  So if your struggling or need to get over a plateau that your experiencing then try this out which I'm sure will help greatly.  I also write down how much exercise I do daily in the tracker which is also a great incentive for me to get out and exercise.  So as the title of this blog states I only track on days that I want to lose weight or maintain my weight loss which is everyday!!  I hope that everyone is having a very healthy week so far...   

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  1. Tracking is absolute key for me! It is really two-fold in my case. It keeps me from making poor choices as it forces me to ask if the food I'm preparing to eat is really with the equity in points. But, it also forces me to pre-plan which in turn keeps me prepared. It replaces a walk down to the vending machine for a kit-kat with a fiber bar. It keeps the cravings and hunger away so I never feel that "OMG I'M STARVING FEELING" preventing much of the temptation.

    It really is a fantastic feeling to gain this much control over something that I once felt was impossible to control. :)