Monday, August 2, 2010


This summer I have been having a lot of fun doing different activities outside which is a great source of exercise.  What has helped me out a lot is that I'm doing things that I really enjoy and it doesn't feel like I'm exercising at all.  I have really been mixing up what I do each day instead of doing the same thing day after day which has really helped.  Here is an example of what I did last week for exercise which was fun for me.  Of course when I do these activities I have my mp3 walkman on with my favorite music that gets me pumped up!  On monday I went to the beach and walked down the main street and looked through the shops which was a lot of fun and had a healthy lunch while I was down there.  On tuesday I went back to the beach because I just love going there to see the ocean and all of the people down there enjoying the sun like myself. I walked down the pier and back which is about a 1 mile walk, then went down the stairs to the boardwalk and walked for about 60 minutes before heading back to my car.  On wednesday I went to the gym and did a great full body workout which I try to do atleast 3 times a week which helps me to get stronger and afterwards I get the endorphins pumping in my body which feels awesome.  On Thursday I turned on exercise t.v. and did my favorite 10 minute back and abs workout.  Later that night I had to work on the graveyard shift and instead of dreading it I made it go by quickly by walking through all the buildings which took about 3 hours, plus it makes me look like I love my job to my employer which I do!  Friday was a day that I went for a long 90 minute walk around my neighborhood and at my local park which was great for a change in scenery.  On saturday I went golfing for the first time in a long time and instead of taking a cart for 18 holes I walked the course with the bag on my back which was a lot of fun and excellent exercise.  On Sunday I went bowling with my wife and some others which was fun and a total different kind of exercise plus I got to spend some quality time with my wife.  Bowling isn't a ton of exercise but it's a lot of fun and I like to take it easy on Sundays and not worry too much about eating perfect and doing tons of exercise.  So this is a good example of how we can mix up our exercise routines and make it fun especially in the summer months when the weather is so great for most of us. 


  1. what back and abs exercise on fit tv? always looking for a new workout??

  2. It's the one in the 10 minute workout section done by Amy Dixon. I think it's also in the Abs section of the channel. She makes it very easy to follow and is for beginners.