Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Back On Track After Completely Falling Off The Wagon..

Well from time to time we tend to fall off the wagon for whatever reason but the important thing is for us to get back on track, like a favorite vocalist of mine says its not how many times you fall down as long as you get back up at least one more time than you fell down that's important.  For those of you who really know me then you know exactly who I'm talking about ;)

What happened to me through the summer was I would do pretty good during the week and then friday after work I would just eat whatever until monday and that is where my down fall began.  I eventually would slowly start eating whatever on thursday and through the weekend and so on until it was an everyday habit.  I had put on about 15 - 20 pounds and then my wife and I had went on vacation celebrating our 15 year anniversary to Laughlin, Nv and also to Las Vegas Nv for 7 days.  That is when the wheels completely fell off and I just ate large quantities of food all day long at the buffets and was just sitting around gambling all day long except for a few days when I went out on the river on a sea doo for a few hours and when we went to Lake Havasu and Lake Mead for part of a day on cruises. After vacation I had planned to get back on track but then the scariest moment of my life happened at The Rio casino in Las Vegas the night before we were to come home. 

As we were walking from the casino to our hotel room I had a seizure which I've never had before and when I fell to the ground I banged up my knees pretty bad and suffered a fractured shoulder.  I woke up not having any idea what happened because I was unconscious for several hours I'm guessing and was admitted into the hospital.  They did many tests and luckily could not find any damage to my brain from the seizure and I was released from the hospital the next day and we drove home with my father in law who flew out to make sure my wife and I were taken care of especially since my wife thought I was dieing since this had never happened before. When we got home I was put off of work by my Dr.'s until my shoulder is back to normal or atleast until I can work with it. I may have surgery to repair my fractured right shoulder or physical therapy depending on the results of my pending MRI.  I still do not know when I will go back to work.  So as I have been sitting at home with my wife working I have just been eating to feel better since my shoulder is in a lot of pain and have put on another 20 pounds which is not good at all. 

The beginning of this week I have decided that I need to start eating healthier which its been a while so I'm writing down everything that I eat and making smarter food choices.  It's been 6 days now and I have been doing great and even began going on short walks to get some exercise in every day. Hopefully someday in the near future I'll be able to get back on my weight lifting routine but for now walking will do just fine. I am going to continue doing this from now on and I've also noticed that I actually feel much better since I have been eating healthier. I have also realized that eating food does not make me feel any better but it actually does the opposite.  I also have noticed before this week that my clothes were no longer fitting me so this was a big wake up call and I refuse to go out and buy bigger clothes..   So a tip I will give is that no matter how bad you may feel physically or emotionally food will not make you feel better and more than likely it will do the opposite and make you feel much worse.

Have a great day everyone and keep getting back up at least one more time than you fall down and everything will be ok  :)

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